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The Literature Team, as an integral part of AGMK,
exists to support writers and activity related to
writing across Milton Keynes.

We will support and encourage  writing activity that shows professionalism, integrity, creativity and skill, and where a need or a market can be demonstrated.

We will assemble and regularly update the information available on all strands of the Milton Keynes writing community.

We will keep in touch with the writing community and with them identify what`s missing and what would meet an unmet need.

We will develop and implement proposals that can fulfil identified needs in writing, including support for those seeking to make a living from writing.

We will work in alliance with others, treat colleagues with respect and co-operation, and promote programmes that add value, are fun and celebrate the best of our writing.

See the menu on the right for LITERATURE RESOURCES locally and a list of websites for LOCAL WRITERS.

If you or your organisation is not on any of these lists and you’d like to be, please let us know. (We won’t put up emails, only website links.)


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Current Literature Team Members:

Team Chair: Ariel Pimentel
Team Chair: Scott Dorward

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