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Call for Submissions: “Limerick Nation” (Iron Press)

I thought I’d put this up in case anyone felt inspired to put MK on the limerick map….

Limericks about MK (and local area) sought…

IRON Press invites submissions from poets living in the UK or The Republic of Ireland for ‘Limerick Nation’, a new anthology of limericks co-edited by Peter Mortimer and Eileen Jones to be published in autumn 2014. Each limerick will feature a place name – which must be part of the poet’s current home address – as the last word of the first line. Submit max. 6 limericks by post please and including SAE to ‘Limerick Nation’, IRON Press, 5 Marden Tce, Cullercoats, North Shields, NE30 4PD. Closing date: 1st March 2014. Poets will receive 2 free copies of the anthology. More details on IRON Press website: www.ironpress.co.uk

More details here: http://www.ironpress.co.uk/news.html

They are a nice and long-standing small press, who did The IRON Book of New Humorous Verse and The Humours of Haiku.