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NEWS: New AGMK Spoken Word Team is LIVE

AGMK from today has a new Spoken Word Team, to be led by Terrie Howie and Richard Frost.
The Spoken Word Team will now be responsible for: performance poetry, storytelling, stand-up, tour guiding, public speaking, and performance skills and events related to these areas. These areas are mostly subsumed under the Literature Team at the moment. This change leaves the Literature Team responsible for: fiction, page poetry, other prose (life-writing, biography, non-fiction, journalism), graphic novels, and the purely creative-writing side of drama and film (i.e. playwriting and scripts). (Any grey areas will be agreed upon as and when, in individual cases, or in partnership, as we currently do betweenTeams).  Terrie and Richard both have extensive experience of Community Arts, Arts in Education, and are already actively involved in the MK Spoken Word scene. The website already shows a separate Spoken Word category for Posts and will shortly show separate Spoken Word areas.

Background and some reasons for the change:
– Spoken Word is a distinct artform, with a history dating back to pre-literate cultures around the world, and in the UK to oral works like Beowulf, through folk-tales, and up to the current performance scene, pertaining to (mostly) solo oral artists and live audiences.
– The current makeup and actions of the AGMK Literature team don’t sufficiently reflect or support all the Spoken Word activity going on in MK. MK has long had a vibrant Spoken Word tradition encompassing (for instance) Scribal Gathering, Tongue in Chic, Hoodwink Elixir, Poetry Kapow and A Word in Edgeways.
– Local audiences who are looking for Spoken Word events haven’t hitherto been able easily to find them within the current AGMK taxonomies.