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MÓTUS 2016 dance festival needs your help

354cb49f-cf94-4e47-bb46-fccfa1ce9865We have been successful in achieving Arts Council funding for our professional and community dance festival in Milton Keynes scheduled for the 9th and 10th July. We are bringing in nationally acclaimed artists in their field including Yael Flexer, Cecilia Macfarlane, Keira Martin and Moxie Brawl (to name a few) alongside young student dancers, graduates and community dancers to produce something innovative, working alongside the themes PUSH / IDENTIFY. We have unfortunately been unsuccessful in receiving our local funding grant from the MK Community Foundation which would allow these community projects to happen alongside the professional commissions. Without these projects the festival is just not whole. We are raising money to try and make up the difference so that all who want to develop work within the community and take part can do so.But we need your help. Please see www.motusdance.co.uk for more festival information. To donate please visit our Just Giving page here: https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/motusdance2016