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push identify – MÓTUS 2016 – July 9th and 10th

This year’s theme, push/identify, look sat work that stretches boundaries physically and culturally. The work presented is diverse, has cultural impact and is physically impressive. With a host of live performances, workshops, the chance to feedback to artists and even a Breakin’ Night, there’s never been a better opportunity to get dancing!

Featuring work by Flexer & Sandiland, Keira Martin, Moxie Brawl, Paramount Parkour, House Of Absolute and many more performing Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Waacking, Parkour, Capoeira, Jazz and works fusing many more styles.

You can also get your dancing fix participating in one of the many workshops taking place led by artists producing work in the festival or learn everything you need to know for IF: 2016’s participatory project The Colour Of Time.

For any and all the details including how to book performances and workshops, visit www.motusdance.co.uk

This work has been supported with funding from the MK Community Foundation.