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MK celebrates its diverse creativity at Festival of Nations 2016

Milton Keynes Arts Week was launched with a fanfare on Sunday (24th), as Arts Central welcomed the world through its creative doors at Norfolk House and Clyde House.  Festival of Nations 2016 is the third time the parent charity Arts Gateway MK has put on Festival of Nations, which brings together the creative heritage of all of MK`s diverse communities.

Highlight of the Festival of Nations opening was the performance by Blabul Al Sharq, made up of the family of Belal Alasal, refugees recently arrived from Damascus.  Belal and his three small children were so touched by their welcome to Milton Keynes that they jumped at the opportunity to say thank you.

MK Arts Week was opened by Deputy Mayor Cllr David Hopkins and Mayoress Susan Hopkins, delighted again to support the creative efforts of Arts Gateway, and impressed with the range of art and creativity on display at Arts Central Norfolk House.  .  MKAW brings together over 100 exhibiting artists, and a programme of performances than involve dance, music, drama and poetry www.mkaw.show

“This is just the sort of artistic and cultural activity the city will need as we move towards becoming European Capital of Culture.  I`m delighted to launch the very first Milton Keynes Arts Week and look forward to great things.  Next year, MK`s 50th Birthday year, will be an opportunity for MK ARTS WEEK to become even more impressive.”


14424675_1398156190213855_3730940432290228059_oBerlal Alasal, his family and friends, at Festival of Nations 2016
Photo, ctsy MKFM

14444707_1398155733547234_7106357256497396345_oDep Mayor Cllr David Hopkins and Dep Mayoress Susan Hopkins admiring the creativity of Arts Central Norfolk House with Chair of Trustees, John Best.  In the background are Simon Ingram, and Roy and Maggie Nevitt.


Blabul Al Sharq, the family group of Belal Alasal, performing at Arts Central Norfolk House.