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Freelance Opportunity: Redhouse Park Arts Project


Freelance Opportunity: Redhouse Park Arts Project, Milton Keynes The Redhouse Park Arts Project Board are seeking to appoint a person on a freelance basis, who will work with local residents and the Board to draw up framework plan to inform, guide and co-ordinate this exciting opportunity.

Redhouse Park is in the North East corner of Great Linford parish and lies on the North side of Wolverton Road between the Linford Lakes Nature reserve and the Newport Pagnell service station (west side). The site was formerly the home of Rocla pipes, which excavated material from what is now the Nature reserve and used it to make large diameter concrete pipes on the site.

A key outcome of the project is to help “build community” in this relatively new residential area. Money from the developer has been set aside specifically for the purpose of creating new public artwork. The money is to be entrusted to Great Linford Parish Council who will provide financial and administrative support and have authorised the setting up of the Project Board to plan and deliver the project.

The Project Board members are a mix of residents from the community, several prominent Arts organisations in Milton Keynes and both Milton Keynes (city) and Great Linford Parish Councils.  Several of those involved were also members of the Project Board that guided the creation of the highly successful Gyosei Arts Trail.

Gyosei Art Trail

The target completion for the entire project 31st July 2018.

The person
The person may be an experienced artist or curator.  It is envisaged that the person appointed will take the initial ideas and aspirations that have been identified to date, encourage the identification of more though a variety of means such as events and activities, workshops etc. to design and then present a vision for the Art Project both in terms of “quick wins” – and just as importantly “legacy for the future”.  Within this, individual events, “happenings”, physical artworks, etc. can take place.

You will need to show evidence of the following:

  • good general level of education;
    an interest in and knowledge of a relevant subject area;
  • co-ordinating and researching ideas and potential themes/threads for the project;
  • motivation and creative flair;
  • good communication skills – oral and written;
  • ability to write materials and articles for the website;
  • team working and relationship building;
  • gaining and maintaining contact with those interested in helping create the art project; (residents, potential artists, event organisers etc);
  • planning, organising, interpreting and presenting exhibitions and lectures;
  • hands – on experience on a similar project or projects will be an advantage;

The activities required would include:

  • Conducting appropriate research to inform, then envisage and develop an innovative and creative plan and may present talks on findings or ongoing activities;
  • Present the initial ideas to the project Board for feedback;
  • Establishing and maintaining contact with those interested in helping create the art project (residents, potential artists, event organisers, stakeholders, etc.);
  • Coordinating and researching the ideas and potential themes/threads for the project;
  • Identify ing potential people who can deliver the above;
  • Recommending ways in which objects, archives and artworks of any form can be created, presented, displayed and interpreted – through exhibitions, publications, events and audio – visual presentations, with the aim of engaging, delighting, informing and educating the public;
  • Provide a written and/or visual presentation of the proposals/plan for retention by the client;
  • It is essential that the outcome appeals to a wide cross-section of the general public and across the age groups;

Time and remuneration

Working hours
Initially, we anticipate a total time commitment of about 15 days spread out if necessary over no more than a 6 week period. Further involvement beyond that would be discussed separately if required.  Working hours will be by mutual agreement – some time is likely occasionally on an evening or weekend.

To apply, please send an email projectofficer@great-linford.gov.uk
by 9.00am on Monday 23rd January 2017 with details of:

  • Your CV and examples of similar work undertaken in the past
  • The names and contact details of 3 referees
  • An outline of your approach
  • Your availability relating to the proposed project
  • Your availability to attend an interview if selected
  • Your daily fee rate and an indication of when payments would be required and how much

Interviews are likely to take place on the 1st or 2nd February 2017 (morning).