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Rachel Baker ‘Tributes: A Stroke of Pencil and Pain

Rachel Baker (Arts Central Resident)
‘Tributes: A Stroke of Pencil and Paint’

Private View 4 February 2017 7.30pm to 9 pm – RSVP ‘here’ or by email info@artsgatewaymk.org.uk

A collection of portraits, wildlife and landscapes using pencil, graphite pencil and acrylics

The exhibition will run from 16 January to 17 February 2017

The gallery is open for viewings weekdays between 12 and 2pm.

Rachel Baker:

Rachel Baker is a portrait artist working from Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. She is pursing her passion of art by capturing treasured memories, character and soul with the stroke of pencil and paint that will last a lifetime.  From images of beloved animals, she creates a unique, one of a kind portrait that makes a wonderful, personalized gifts for family or friends.

Portraits have the ability to bring beloved pets, past and present, character and personality that other art forms like photography simply don’t express.