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Creative Workspace Network Project Manager: paid work opportunity

Last year Arts Gateway led a sub-regional project funded by the Arts Council to identify and connect organisations offering creative workspace across the SEMLEP sub-region. This was successfully delivered up to a sub-regional launch meeting held in April at The Hat Factory in Luton. The project manager Amy Waruszynski stood down on the birth of her son in the summer, and there remains funding for a second phase of implementation. We are looking for a capable creative to pull the threads together in the first half of 2017, reporting into the reconvened steering group.

The aims of the project remain to:

a. Enable creative workspaces to collaborate and benefit from training, lobbying, advice and the sharing of resources
b. Create a robust network equipped to secure funding for further expansion
c. Provide greater partnership strength to look at joint funding applications. Co commissioning opportunities and consideration of areas for infrastructure investment.

The main tasks for this second phase will be:
a. Reconvening the core group for further development of the project
b. Updating the database of existing workspaces and provider profiles.
c. Refining the report from the first phase and liaising with Arts Council representatives.
d. Preparation of bids and delivery plans for selected projects identified by the Network in the first phase

If you have experience in developing and delivering creative activity, have some available time – possibly the equivalent one day a week on a flexible basis – over the next six months, and would like to engage widely across MK`s creative sub-region, send us a CV. We want to see from your letter of application that you can order your ideas, communicate across a diverse audience and remain sane under pressure. The work would be based at Arts Central in Central Milton Keynes and involve liaison with organisations in the wider sub-region.

For more information contact the chair of the Steering Group, John Best, at john.best@artsgatewaymk.org.uk or on 07710 553862, to whom you should also send your CV by 21st January, for selection interview by the end of January. There will be a full handover from Amy to the new Project Manager once identified.
Arts Gateway MK is committed to paying the Living Wage.