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Caribbean Soldiers

Caribbean Soldiers tells the story of the contribution made by young Caribbean men and women during the Great War, 1914-1918.  Although the work they did was mainly manual, some would say demeaning; it made a huge and significant contribution to winning the War.

This powerful production draws on the life of Walter Tull — a World War One hero from Northampton.  He died 25th March 1918.  It is an incredible story of new ground broken, bravery, friendship and the horrors of life in the trenches during the War.  While playing for Northampton Town football club, Tull joined the army and arguably, became the first black combat officer to serve in the British army in the First World War.

The production also looks at the way young volunteers such as Mary Mathews (a nurse) were treated by their superiors due to their class and privileged background.   Even at war, the class system had to defend itself.  We hear the horrors of war and the courage these young men from both sides faced during the bloodiest conflict the world has ever seen.

We were there.  Come and hear some of the voices of World War One.

Tuesday 7th March    7.30pm


£10 / £8