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Ifybella Kidney Charity – inauguration and fund raising ceremony

Motto: Putting on smiles, reaching out and giving hope to the sufferers.

The Ifybella Kidney Charity stems from a story of hardship, fear and pain suffered by a young woman and mother for whom her world nearly ended prior to a successful kidney transplant. It is a thank you for the gift of renewed life following a fight by both Ifeoma, her loved ones and medical staff to restore her health. The aim of this ‘not for profit’ organisation is to create awareness of kidney failure, ‘a silent killer’, particularly within the minority ethnic groups Asian, Caribbean, Black Africans, Black British and many others.

Our mission: To promote organ donation through eradicating myths, constraints and taboos; To promote and improve positive life and thinking in the lives of sufferers of kidney failure and their families; To provide physical, financial, psychological and sociological support to sufferers; To support Kidney Research UK in finding an effective treatment for the BK virus following kidney transplant; To help make ‘Every Kidney Count’, by helping to fund research in the area of transplantation.

Saturday 11th March 1pm-6pm