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Cut&Thrust: Single Sword Masterclass

This one-day masterclass will introduce participants to the 16th Century Renaissance European Rapier, a style of swordplay known for for its fast paced, exciting combination of cut and thrust techniques. Made popular in such films as The Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Mask of Zorro, it is the sword that saw combat move from the mass melee of the battlefield to the streets, where swordplay became more personal, more structured and the importance of an individual’s honour meant that duels were used to settle private feuds.
During the workshop combatants will learn how to move according to the renaissance Masters of Fence, as well as how to cut, thrust and parry oncoming attacks. Working through the important safety and dramatic techniques, participants will learn how to handle the blades safely and gain an understanding of the differences between the real thing and the stagecraft that allows the actor to perform with commitment and intention.
Combatants will work with partners to develop their skill, trust and performance ability and will work towards performing a short sequence of partnered choreography at the end of the day.
This workshop is open to everyone 16 or over, regardless of whether or not you are a beginner, advanced combatant or just looking to have a go at learning a new skill. Participants will use practical, metal fencing blades throughout the session and are advised to bring comfortable movement clothing, appropriate footwear and water.

workshop will be led by Kiel O’Shea

Sunday 21st May 9am-4pm £34.50 per person