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FakePunch: Unarmed Combat Masterclass

Want to learn how fights are created and performed for theatre and film? Want to punch like Chuck Norris? Or take someone down like Jason Bourne?
This masterclass is open to anyone interested in learning the basic but constantly used hand-to-hand combat techniques both on stage and screen. Participants will learn how to slap, punch, kick, grapple and strangle one another whilst gaining an understanding of fight rhythm, making it work for the audience and how to move a fight across a performance space. Throughout the workshop combatants will progress from learning individual techniques to performing phrases of fight choreography that will challenge them to maintain an awareness of themselves, their environment and their partners safety. Working from a point of safety, each pair will create a performance that utilises the actor’s use of character and intention to explore how this turns choreography into something more real.
The workshop will culminate in a “bar room brawl” style group fight, that will see combatants use everything they’ve learned throughout the day to take on multiple opponents in a face-smashing, bone-crunching slog-fest!
This workshop is open to everyone 16 or over, regardless of whether or not you are a beginner, advanced combatant or just looking to have a go at learning a new skill. Participants are advised to bring comfortable movement clothing, appropriate footwear and water.
workshop will be led by Kiel O’Shea

Sunday 14th May 1pm-5pm £24.50 per person