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Creative Workspace Network

The Creative Workspace Network aims to develop collaborative working amongst creative and cultural organisations throughout the SEMLEP area in order to overcome the common challenges they face.

Through establishing a greater partnership strength we aim to look at wider funding opportunities available in the sector, share resources, benefit from joint training and have a significant collaborative voice when challenges arise.


➤Our members are any Providers of Workspace for creative or artistic practice

➤Our agenda is Advocacy for an under-heard sector

➤Our activity is Nurturing – anything that can help arts and creative enterprise

➤Our outcome is Generating Opportunity out of possibility

➤The proposed result is Greater Critical Mass for the sector

The Project Manager is Maria Giangiulio.


Please do come and join us for the Creative Workspace Network Re-Launch Meeting on April the 25th (12.30 – 2pm) at the Cranfield Innovation Centre in Bedford.

*Establish interest in, and fundability of projects in the SUMMARY:

*The Network: establishing and sustaining a collective presence across SEMLEP to strengthen the creative sector [ie dataset; new models]

*Resourcing: developing new and existing channels in SEMLEP for getting money into organisations, into programmes and into microbusinesses
[ie grant support; investment]

*Skill sets: building the skills across the sector that will nourish both the creative businesses and the organisations that are supporting the sector.
[ie education; skills development; apprenticeships]

*Developing premises: exploring all possible ways to provide the range of working environments that will nourish the greatest number of emerging creative organisations
[ie variety; availability; new models; live-work]

*Programming and collaborations: finding new creative things to do and newly creative ways to do them at sub-regional level.

RSVP ‘here’ or email via the link below.

To keep in touch and to become a part of the network, make sure you like our Facebook Page. Alternatively, contact us to find out more.


CWN is funded by The Arts Council with in kind support from Arts Gateway MK and Luton Culture and is made up of this core group:

➤Arts Gateway MK

➤Luton Culture


➤NN Contemporary Art

➤MK Arts Centre


➤The Mill Arts Centre

➤MK Council

➤Luton Council

➤South Northants Council

➤Cherwell District Council




➤Initial proposal in June 2015


➤Commitment to development of creative and cultural industries

➤Thriving cultural sector = businesses and skilled workforce staying in area

➤Development of cohesive and collaborative approach to tourism and culture

➤Challenge of SEMLEP geography


➤To develop collaborative working among creative and cultural workplace organisations throughout SEMLEP area.


➤Development of a core group

➤Mapping existing workspaces

➤Delivery of an inaugural event

➤Preparation of a prospectus



➤Creative workspaces able to collaborate – training, lobbying, advice and resources

➤Able to secure funding for further expansion

➤Joint funding opportunities


➤Infrastructure investment


➤Establishment of a database which collates all information about creative workspaces in the region

➤Contact details


➤Background information

➤ Types of workspaces included


➤Temporary Hire Venues

➤HE/FE Institutions

➤Commercial Units

➤Performance Venues