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The Arts Gateway Dance Team, as an integral part of AGMK, exists to support dance, dancers and dance-related activity across Milton Keynes.

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Current Dance Team Members:

Team Chair: Helen Parlor
Co Chair: Chris Bradley

Others: Effie Macguire Ward

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Mission Statement

‘The Dance Team  is committed to promoting and investing in high quality dance activity in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to energise and initiate projects ranging from community dance to professional work with a particular focus in collaboration, diversity and quality.’

We will support and encourage  dance activity that shows professionalism, integrity, creativity and skill, and where a need or a market can be demonstrated.

We will assemble, regularly update and disseminate the information available on all strands of the Milton Keynes dance community.

We will keep in touch with the dance community and with them identify what`s missing and what would meet an unmet need.

We will develop and implement proposals that can fulfil identified needs in dance, including support for those seeking to make a living from dance.

We will work in alliance with others, treat colleagues with respect and co-operation, and promote programmes that add value, are fun and celebrate the best of our dance.


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AGMK Dance News/Projects

Motus Dance Festival

MÓTUS is a celebration of all forms of dance across the city of Milton Keynes and also celebrates links with national companies which, to date include Theo Clinkard, Ffin Dance, Anjali and Motionhouse. Funded by the Arts Council England, the festival aims to enhance and help continually develop all dance activity in the city. It is the celebration of physical expression and the individual. MÓTUS aims to engage anyone and everyone with a diverse programme of dance workshops, performances and opportunities for all abilities and ages. If you are interested in any form of dance, whether it’s in the taking part or in the watching, get involved and see what’s there for you. 

Motus News

MK Arts Week (Dance)

MK Arts Week (Dance) News